Tableau lets business people tell stories with data.

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Tableau lets users grab data from one or more sources and easily create charts and dashboards. The graphics automatically update as data changes. They are “clickable” allowing users to drill down to get detailed information. Tableau makes it easy for users to find trends with built-in filtering tools. There are a myriad of options for sharing and publishing Tableau dashboards and reports.

CloudBase Services can create Tableau dashboards from a host of sources including Salesforce, Quick Base and SQL databases. So, jump in and tell more stories with data. CloudBase Services can provide design, development, help-desk and training services.

Citizen developers, business people who think it is “fun” to do work formerly done by IT staffers, will like the data preparation tools that are built into Tableau. Upload an Excel file with headers, Tableau will recognize the merged-cells as headers and put the appropriate label into each record. Want to split a “month and year” field into two fields? With one click Tableau will create and populate two distinct attributes.



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